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Southeastern Massachusetts Is Thankfully Getting Even More Bar Pizza

Quincy's shuttered Alumni will be resurrected in Weymouth, and Cape Cod Cafe is expanding to Easton


Throughout Massachusetts' South Shore and Southeastern towns a little bit inland, it's easy to find bar pizza. Definitions vary, but old-school bar pizza is generally a small pan pizza with a thin, crispy crust. Cheddar often makes an appearance in the cheese blend, and it typically stretches out to the edge. People who grew up in the area tend to rally loyally behind their favorite, whether it's Town Spa (Stoughton), Hoey's at AMVETS (Randolph), Lynwood Cafe (also Randolph), Poopsie's (Pembroke), or a variety of other decades-old spots.

Now, a couple of new-but-old options are opening in the region. Quincy's Alumni Cafe, which closed in 2013, will be resurrected — sort of. A new Alumni will open in Weymouth, in the Shaw's Plaza at Route 53 and Middle Street, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. It's under different ownership than the original Alumni, but the new owners reportedly have the old bar pizza recipe.

Meanwhile, Brockton's Cape Cod Cafe is adding a new Easton location; it also has outposts in Bridgewater and Raynham. It's been owned by the Jamoulis family for almost 70 years. This bar pizza haven will also be located in a Shaw's Plaza, at 690 Depot St., reports Boston Restaurant Talk.