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The Early Word on SRV

Boston's own Venetian-style restaurant is the most recent work of some familiar industry faces — Kevin O'Donnell and Michael Lombardi of the Coda Group. Here's what people are saying about the restaurant so far.

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SRV Boston
SRV Boston
Katie Chudy for Eater

The Atmospheric News: The Venetian bacaro (wine bar) manifests its inspiration in the form of white marble, wrought iron, and lion imagery. While that may seem cold (and a little scary, depending on how you feel about lions), the overall result appears to be a comfortable space and a fun vibe that is both classy and upscale.

The Booze News: SRV's drink menu has a "vermouth of the day," which brings to mind the movie Groundhog Day. Other cocktails include the 63 Fairbanks with a strong aperol flavor, The Venetian (made with gin), and more. Overall, Yelp reviewers said the cocktails were well-crafted and "interesting," with "enough variety to satisfy most without being overwhelming."

The Food News: Small plates — or cicchetti — range from soft-boiled quail eggs to baby octopus, as the Globe's Devra First tried. She described the risotto as "spiked with black truffle and pumpkin" and noted that a diner near to her said she was "all in" when it came to the food at SRV. One Yelp reviewer said the place was great for vegetarians and described the homemade pasta as "beautiful." Another said the risotto and meatballs are a must, and raves rolled in for the bigoli with duck ragu.

The Dessert News: Tiramisu. There's also a selection of gelati, biscotti, and cheese. One person said the affogato was definitely worth saving room for, while another dubbed that tiramisu the "best ever." You be the judge.

The Price News: Dishes falling in the $8-19 range for small plates and the $14-29 range for larger ones. One reviewer deemed the prices "fair," and they went unmentioned otherwise. An average Yelp estimate for one person's expenditures ranges from $31-60.


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