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Somerville Bread Company Opens First-Ever Storefront

The farmers market favorite now has its own place to call home.

Somerville Bread Company's logo in the window
Somerville Bread Company's logo in the window

An organic, artisan bread maker that gained its start in local farmers markets over the summer has officially opened its own storefront. Nick Robertson, the owner and baker behind Somerville Bread Company, kicked off business this weekend at 415b Medford St. in Somerville, selling his baguettes and buns out of the freshly renovated shop.

Robertson, a former pilot who learned to bake bread after becoming a stay-at-home dad, began selling his loaves at summer farmers markets and saw an opening in the overall bread market for products made with locally sourced ingredients.

When a space opened up around the corner from his home, Robertson took advantage and started working on plans to open his own storefront.

Robertson bakes his breads in small batches with organic ingredients, and he has a weekly bread schedule for what he makes. Everything from 18-inch baguettes to country loaves, ciabatta rolls, sourdough rye, brioche, and something called "Cherry Seinfeld" comes out of the kitchen at Somerville Bread.

The store is open Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Robertson also offers wholesale options for his breads.

Keep an eye out for the Tipping Cow ice cream shop, opening soon (possibly later this month) in the same strip of storefronts.