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Rachel Klein Could Pioneer a Fast-Casual Rotisserie Chicken Concept

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As if opening her own restaurant in her hometown isn't enough.

Rachel Klein
Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein

As Rachel Klein prepares to open RFK Kitchen in Needham, the veteran chef has another plan in mind: fast-casual rotisserie chicken. According to Boston Magazine, Klein (formerly of Liquid Art House, OM, and the Mandarin Oriental) is working on plans to launch a prototype for this concept, which could be something akin to a Boston Market but with all the elevated cooking Klein brings to the table.

While Klein was at Liquid Art House, she specialized in rotisserie chicken and even had a special French oven specifically for cooking the birds to perfection.

Klein told Boston Magazine she knows herself and is always either "eating out or taking in," and the rotisserie concept would presumably provide dine-out quality food for eating in, with organic, free-range chicken, sides, and the epitome of fast-casual food systems these days: an app for ordering.

Meanwhile, RFK Kitchen will feature American cuisine, with family friendly dishes and bar friendly fare, along with a chef's tasting menu. Eater has reached out for more details on the rotisserie chicken situation.

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RFK Kitchen

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