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Ribelle Is Open Tonight Following Tim Maslow's Drug Arrest at the Canada Border

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Ribelle's future (and name) is uncertain after Maslow bid the restaurant "RIP" in fiery Instagram posts.

Tim Maslow
Tim Maslow
Cal Bingham for Eater

Tim Maslow (Ribelle, Strip-T's) was in Canada over the weekend to participate as a guest chef at the Montreal en Lumiere festival, but he ran into trouble crossing the border back into the U.S. He's out on bail after getting arrested at the border, allegedly in possession of 22.5 pounds of marijuana edibles, the Globe first reported. Maslow was charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of a depressant, stimulant, and narcotic, the Globe reported, citing corporal George Rodriguez of the Vermont State Police.

On his personal Instagram account, Maslow uploaded and later deleted two videos after the arrest showing the burning of Ribelle business cards and a printout of the restaurant's four-star Globe review. In the captions of the videos, Maslow implied that changes are coming to Ribelle. "Last [Ribelle] service in the books," he wrote. "So looking forward to gutting this bitch like a pig and getting it right."

"I'm done with this one too," he also wrote, regarding the review. "Have your 4 stars back [Boston Globe]. Give it to someone who wants it."

On Sunday night, Ribelle's Twitter and Instagram accounts were renamed 1665 Beacon St, which is the restaurant's address in Brookline, and the Facebook account now lists as the restaurant's website. (The site is currently unavailable.) All three profiles now feature a painting of trees as the main or cover image, and a Twitter update from this morning confirms that the restaurant will be open tonight (February 29) at 6 p.m.

As a Hungry Onion user mentions, if Maslow is convicted of a felony, that could spell trouble for Ribelle's liquor license. Section B3 of Brookline's liquor license regulations, a section that applies to those who hold common victualler licenses, states that "no license shall be issued to any applicant who has been convicted of a violation of a federal or state narcotics law."

UPDATE: Here's the menu for tonight (February 29):

Not dead yet. @1665beacon. Open at 6pm

A photo posted by @timothy_c_maslow on

UPDATE, 3/1: Maslow's father took to the Strip-T's Facebook page to express his support:

Just want to let the world know that I love and support my son Tim. Things aren't always as they appear, please don't...

Posted by Strip T's Restaurant on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


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