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Chef Shuffles at Fairsted Kitchen and The Frogmore

Stephanie Cmar is departing, Jason Albus' position is expanding, and a couple new executive sous chefs are onboard. Plus, The Frogmore now has a full liquor license.

The Frogmore
The Frogmore
Chris Coe for Eater

There are some changes brewing at Fairsted Kitchen and The Frogmore, owners Andrew Foster, Alex Homans, and Steve Bowman have announced. Top Chef alum Stephanie Cmar, who became executive chef of Fairsted Kitchen nine months ago, is moving on. "I am going back to my roots as a private chef, which I love, as well as doing some traveling," she says. She'll also be working at another local restaurant; that move will be announced soon. (See update below — she'll be working at SRV in the South End.)

Meanwhile, Jason Albus will take over as executive chef for both Fairsted Kitchen and The Frogmore. He had started out as sous chef and then chef of Fairsted before moving over to be chef of The Frogmore when it opened in Jamaica Plain last July.

At Fairsted, Matt McPherson (The Frogmore, Menton, Study) is now executive sous chef, and at The Frogmore, Kelly Marts (UpStairs on the Square, Sweet CheeksBarcelona Wine Bar) is executive sous chef.

In addition to the chefs moving around, The Frogmore got approved for its full liquor license; see the new cocktail menu below. "Names might be familiar, but ingredients are even more fun!" says Foster. (The restaurant was previously able to serve beer, wine, and cordials.)

The Frogmore specializes in lowcountry cuisine, and its big sibling Fairsted Kitchen, which opened in late 2013, plays with flavors from Turkey, the Middle East, and beyond.

UPDATE: Cmar will be joining the team at SRV in the South End. Here's a statement from the restaurant:

"The SRV team is thrilled to have our longtime friend, Stephanie Cmar, help us out in the kitchen while she plans her next step in her bright culinary career. She has been reunited with several of her former Barbara Lynch Gruppo colleagues and is happy to support SRV partners and Co-Executive Chefs Michael Lombardi and Kevin O'Donnell to continue to create their Venetian cuisine that is already attracting repeat guests and national attention."

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