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Native Grill and Wings Is En Route to Boston

Get ready for 20 types of wings.

Native Grill and Wings
Native Grill and Wings

An Arizona-based restaurant is eyeing New England expansion, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. Native Grill and Wings has included Boston in its plans for an additional eight franchise locations, along with Boise, Dallas, and Tulsa, to name a few.

According to the restaurant's personal history, as explained on its website, the concept was born after Buffalo, New York natives Floyd and Judy Anderson left the Northeast and moved to Arizona to open a pizza place called Native New Yorker. They soon realized the arid South lacked the spicy punch of Buffalo wings that their hometown so loved, and they reportedly became the first to bring the concept to the state.

Years later, Native was rebranded as "Native Grill and Wings" as it expanded beyond the borders of ArizonaThe company's CEO has wide expansion plans, according to Nation's Restaurant News, including a return to the Northeast, where it will bring its 20 varieties of wings, along with sliders, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and more to feed the Boston area.