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Gabriel Bremer of Salts Will Make His Comeback in Watertown

The chef will open La Bodega by Salts, named as a nod to his former restaurant.

Cal Bingham for Eater

A noted Boston chef and his wife plan to open a new restaurant in Watertown, more than a year after a burst water pipe shut down their existing Kendall Square restaurant. Gabriel Bremer and Analia Verolo, the former proprietors of Salts, are finalizing steps to open La Bodega by Salts, according to Boston Magazine.

Salts was an upscale French-inspired restaurant in Cambridge, housed in MIT space. It closed in January 2014 after a pipe burst, causing major water damage. Bremer and Verolo started searching for a location for a new restaurant in March 2015, as previously reported.

This new concept pays homage to Salts, which the pair had not wanted to close, according to Boston, while giving a nod to Verolo's Uruguayan background. The restaurant will reportedly heavily feature wine and wine culture while striving to serve as a community space.

La Bodega's menu is still in the works, but Bremer will reportedly include Salts' famous whole-roasted duck. Additionally, he will preview certain items at a Chef's Studio Dinner at Tavern Road on February 29.

Salts Restaurant

798 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 617 876 8444 Visit Website

La Bodega

3698 Rue Principale, , QC J0E 1M0 (450) 284-0580 Visit Website