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City Winery Will Bring Music and Wine to Boston

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The New York-based restaurant and venue opens later this year.

City Winery Chicago
City Winery Chicago

A concept that triples as a winery, a restaurant, and a music venue will open in Boston later this year. City Winery, which was founded in New York in 2008 and has locations in Chicago, Nashville, and Atlanta, signed a lease for a space at One Canal St. by Haymarket, according to Boston Magazine. In late 2014, the company named Boston a "top contender" for future expansion.

Michael Dorf, the founder of City Winery who was also behind The Knitting Factory, a famous music venue in New York City, created the concept as a way to bring a culinary and cultural experience to wine lovers, music lovers, and urban residents.

The space at One Canal St. is on track to open in October, and it will span 20,000 square feet on the first floor with another 10,000 square feet in the basement. City Winery signed a 15-year space in the development.

The winery part of the concept was designed to "integrate the winemaking process with consumption and enjoyment of wine," according to the website. Guests can experience the Barrel Room's tasting bar and observe aspects of the wine-making process.

In the restaurant, diners will find large dishes that pair with a wine from one of City Winery's 400 producers, or with one of more than 20 wines produced in-house.

City Winery

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