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La Colombe Locks Down Boston Location

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The Philadelphia-based coffee chain has its sights set on the Leather District.

A La Colombe location
A La Colombe location
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A coffee roasting company that has been working for several months to open new coffee shops across the country has officially applied for a license to operate in Boston.

La Colombe — which has locations in Philadelphia; Washington, DC; New York; and Chicago — is looking to serve its finely roasted coffee from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 745 Atlantic Ave. in the Leather District, according to a licensing board agenda.

The coffee shop is the work of co-founders Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti, who previously signed a $28.5 million investment deal to fund a nationwide expansion of La Colombe. In addition to his coffee shop-related pursuits, Carmichael hosts a show called Dangerous Grounds on The Travel Channel.

According to the City of Boston licensing board page, La Colombe will have a cafe in one room on the first floor of the 11-story office building, which is also home to a co-working space and a consulting firm, plus a parking garage.

The coffee shop is known for its extensive roasted coffee blends and cafe fare, like salads, sandwiches, and breakfast items.

A hearing for La Colombe's common victualler license application will be on February 10.

La Colombe (Leather District)

745 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111 (857) 317-5340 Visit Website