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A Cozy Morning Filled With Cutty's Breakfast Sandwiches

Welcome to the ninth (and final) Breakfast Week edition of Eater Scenes, photo series documenting a small bit of time in a specific place.


It's just after 9 a.m. at Cutty's, days before the little shop closes for some major renovations that will increase its size. It's snowing lightly, and there's a steady flow of people coming in to get warm and enjoy their first meal of the day. Seats are at a premium with just one table available.

The table at the front of the popular Brookline Village sandwich shop is occupied by a group of women. They look like they've been there a while, breakfast plates cleaned and off to the side; they are now gossiping and nursing their cups of coffee. Every so often, there's a loud laugh from the table. Another woman is curled up in the corner, almost as if hiding, in a little alcove in front of the other window. She is enjoying her morning by reading a book. Another woman takes the last couple of bites of her breakfast sandwich, clears her space, and heads into the cold.

The menu consists predominantly of breakfast sandwiches, but there are also other alternatives, like a house-made granola parfait, bagels, and assorted breakfast pastries. There's a special that has caught a couple of peoples' eyes — "a proper sausage, egg, and cheese" which comes on an English muffin. It's a popular order this morning, consisting of a fluffy round of scrambled eggs, a spiced square sausage patty (complete with grill marks), and an orange piece of melted cheddar cheese artfully draped over the bottom part of the muffin.

The smell of morning — coffee, toast, eggs, and breakfast meats — hangs heavy in the air. Several people come in and place their orders to go. One woman decides midway through her wait that she does in fact have time to sit and enjoy her breakfast, and lucky for her, a table has just opened. She snags it, marking it with her coat while she gets her food.

The unique red flannel hash sandwich arrives at our table, a combination of egg, sharp cheddar cheese, truffle ketchup, and a healthy dose of beef, beet, and potato hash sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun. It's a powerful combination of flavors and an interestingly satisfying take on a couple of breakfast classics, all nestled into one sandwich.

A man who looks like he is midway through his morning run decides to make a stop here, foregoing a breakfast sandwich and opting for the parfait, an orange juice, and coffee. His order is up, and just like magic, a table opens up for him. He finishes his breakfast quickly and braces himself for the last leg of his run.

The woman in the corner are still very comfortable up front. They comment on how the snow is getting a little stronger and wonder whether it's supposed to get worse, debating whether this winter has been a bad one or not. They discuss leaving but make no move, and one can't blame them. Why give up that prime, cozy seating to brave the elements outside?


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