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Stage Nightclub Won't Be Reopening the Curtain

The vaudeville-inspired space closed in January, but it was supposed to be temporary

Chris Coe for Eater

Turns out that "making improvements" was a precursor to "closing for good" for one Boston club venue. Stage Nightclub, located on Boylston Place in the heart of the Emerson College campus, will not be reopening as it initially announced in late January.

According to a tip Eater received, Emerson "reclaimed" the Stage space and the club will likely be reincorporated into the college landscape. The tipster said his company had an event planned for April but was told Stage would no longer be able to host the event.

Stage previously posted on its social media that it would be closed for renovations, but now its Facebook page info includes a note that it has closed "due to circumstances beyond our control" and that a new venue will open "in the next few months."

The nightclub was known for its American vaudeville-style ambiance designed to bring guests a throwback experience, complete with costumes, luxurious decor, and a "glitzy lounge."

Stage Nightclub

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