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Davis Square Chipotle Faces Some Watery Issues

The burrito chain's Somerville location had a visit from the fire department.

Chipotle, Davis Square
Chipotle, Davis Square
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Chipotle in Davis Square was doused in water yesterday, according to a LiveJournal post suggesting that sprinklers and alarms were going off at the restaurant. Reports said the entire restaurant was covered in water.

After a weekend of frigid cold, there have been reports of frozen pipes bursting and causing evacuations and shutdowns of other businesses in the area, but the cause of Chipotle's watery woes are unknown.

The fire department was on scene yesterday to investigate the situation, according to a tweet from The Somerville Journal. A lieutenant reached at the Somerville Fire Department was unable to comment on the incident.

Calls to the Davis Square Chipotle on Tuesday went unanswered.