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Krispy Kreme Relaunches Bid for New England Hearts With Seven Planned Stores

Those warm, sugar-coated treats are making their way back to the Northeast.

Krispy Kreme in Illinois
Krispy Kreme in Illinois

A much-beloved North Carolina-based doughnut chain has announced its plans to return to the land of Dunks: Krispy Kreme will open seven new stores in New Hampshire and Maine, nearly a decade after vacating the Dunkin' Donuts-dominated Northeast in favor of other parts of the country, according to Time.

Now, with four shops slated for New Hampshire and three for Maine, there is some speculation as to whether the classic Hot Light signals will one day serve as beacons for Massachusetts residents on the hunt for glazed donuts.

Krispy Kreme's vice president for global franchise development, Patricia Perry, said in a release: "The demand for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and coffee continues to grow throughout New England, so we are very happy to bring this iconic brand to New Hampshire and Maine." The company is partnering with the local NH Glazed, LLC to open the seven stores.

The chain has approximately 300 locations in 41 states and is reportedly focusing its expansion on the Northeast, Northwest, and Midwest.

Maybe one day Krispy Kreme and Dunks will duke it out for local doughnut dominance.

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