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Kingston Grille & Bar Renovations Are Moving Along

Some familiar names are behind the reboot.

Kingston Grille & Bar
Kingston Grille & Bar

A forthcoming Downtown Crossing restaurant is reinventing the space where a popular watering hole used to be. Kingston Grille & Bar has made progress on renovations at 25 Kingston St., the former site of Kingston Station, and the team behind it includes some of the people responsible for Back Bay Harry'sStoddard's Pub, and Abby Lane, according to the new restaurant's Instagram page.

A post revealing the restaurant's new logo hints at a new food and drink menu as well:

Our renovations have come along nicely... We can't wait to invite you down to taste our new menu and drinks. Stay tuned!

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The restaurant previously posted a hiring notice on Craigslist, indicating an official opening may not be too far off. The Yelp page for Kingston Station says it will reopen March 1, and Eater has reached out for more details on the new place.