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Eat These Breakfast Week Special Dishes

As is theme week tradition, we've asked restaurants to offer a special in honor of Breakfast Week. The assignment: breakfast for dinner. (See also: special cocktails for Breakfast Week.)

Ham and egg pizza at Posto
Ham and egg pizza at Posto


Baked eggs at osteria posto

Baked Eggs in Smoked Tomato Sauce at Osteria Posto

Executive chef Robert Fathman is serving up baked eggs in a smoked tomato sauce with merguez, olives, and grilled bread.

Available for lunch from February 15 through February 18 for $15.

Huevos Rancheros taco at painted burro

Huevos Rancheros Taco at Painted Burro

Two corn tortillas, refried beans, sweet corn, white onions, and ranchero sauce. "Huevos rancheros is a classic breakfast item and a staple on our brunch menu," says chef/owner Joe Cassinelli. "This allows guests to get their rancheros fill but for dinner in taco form!"

Available February 15 through February 18, starting at 5 p.m. each evening, for $7.

Posto ham and egg pizza

Ham and Egg Pizza at Posto

The breakfast pizza-for-dinner is made of thinly sliced roasted fingerling potatoes that have been tossed in home-fry seasonings (Old Bay, paprika, black pepper, etc.), fontina, applewood smoked ham, and a sunny side up Nelly's Nest egg.

"This pizza is everything you actually want for breakfast, nicely put together on a pizza with all the breakfast food groups covered," says chef Joe Carli. "You have your 'bread' with our Neapolitan dough, 'dairy' with the fontina and Parmesan, 'meat' with the ham, and 'eggs' with the baked egg on top."

Available nightly throughout Breakfast Week for $16.


[Photo credit: Vassilis Stenos]

Bougatsa at Committee

Consulting chef Diane Kochilas is serving up bougatsa for Breakfast Week. "It's one of those childhood revelations, the first time you bite into warm, soft phyllo filled with a very velvety cream and balanced by the pungency of the cinnamon," she says. "Eating bougatsa as a kid is an introduction into the textures, techniques, and flavor palate that's Greek, even if kids are unable to articulate the experience."

Available during dinner service from February 15 through 19 throughout the restaurant for $8. Come April, it will be on the brunch menu.

Knishes at Michael's Deli

Krazy Knishes at Michael's Deli

Owner Steven Peljovich is adding three breakfast-inspired knishes to the mix for Breakfast Week: corned beef hash, veggie hash, and French toast bread pudding. "Ever since I took over the deli almost four years ago, I have created three 'krazy knishes' around a theme," says Peljovich. "I have done well over 400 different knishes over that time. I try to tie them into something topical, historical, or just fun each week. These three were my first run at breakfast knishes and fun to create."

The corned beef hash knish features house-made corned beef; the French toast knish is made with maple syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon batter; and the veggie hash knish has potatoes, red and green peppers, onions, carrots, cumin, salt, pepper, and garlic.

The knishes are $3.75 each.

TAMO Western Omelette

Western Omelette at TAMO Bistro & Bar

Chef Robert Tobin is serving a Western Omelette with peppers, onions, ham, and Swiss cheese, with a choice of fries or salad, "for those looking for a light but flavor-packed dish with plenty of protein."

The dish is available on the lunch and dinner menu at TAMO Bistro & Bar from February 15 through February 19 for $18.

Apple Pie Pancakes at Bear in Boots Gastropub (Falmouth)

Owners Kate and Gates Rickard are serving apple pie pancakes for Breakfast Week — meringue-leavened pancakes with apples sautéed in butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla with mascarpone cream, thick cut uncured applewood smoked bacon, and pure maple syrup.

"When we started our first bakery, my husband worked nights at his then current job as a pastry chef for a local restaurant," says Kate. "He would bake bread during the night in addition to making all the desserts for the restaurant. This meant he was waking up to go to work when we were having dinner. Occasionally, I would serve what we called 'Br-inner' so he could have a breakfast instead of a dinner meal. This was the family's hands-down favorite dish."

Available throughout Breakfast Week for $16, and it'll hit the Sunday brunch menu beginning on Easter.

Duck Chili Nachos at Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

Executive chef Matt Drummond is offering up duck chili nachos: tortilla chips topped with a thick duck and three-bean chili, which is topped with melted jack cheese, avocado, scrambled duck eggs, orange spiced crema, and pickled serrano peppers. It calls back to Drummond's childhood "growing up on stews, braises, and chilis that [his] mother would cook."

"And who doesn't love chili or nachos?" Drummond continues. "I've kind of mixed what we do at Loco with some classic memories of my mother's cooking, combined with a little bit of my French cooking background.

The dish is available throughout Breakfast Week for $13.

Uovo en Pugatorio (Eggs in Purgatory) at The Salty Pig

Made with a slow poached egg, San Marzano tomatoes, meatballs, and olio santo, this is "a traditional dish in Southern Italy in which an egg is poached in a spicy tomato sauce," according to executive chef Josh Turka. "It's probably an Italian knockoff of Tunisian shakshuka, a result of past conquests of Southern Italy by the Moors. Today this is often regarded as a hangover cure; it's such a perfect combination of rich and spicy but still bright and fresh. And I'm definitely in the 'put an egg on anything' camp. Our version has a slow poached egg alongside our house-made meatballs in a sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, with garlic, shallots, and confit fennel. The dish is finished with parmesan cheese and olio santo (Italian for holy oil, this is Sicily's answer to Chinese chili oil — olive oil is steeped with red chili flakes, fresh oregano, and fennel pollen.)"

The dish is available for dinner throughout Breakfast Week for $13.

Asparagus and Egg Appetizer at Ester

Executive chef Francis Santos is offering an appetizer of asparagus with a four-minute egg, shaved pecorino, a drizzle of olive oil, and paprika for $7.50.

Michael's Deli

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Posto (Somerville)

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Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar

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