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These Two Breweries Are Opening Imminently

And they're posting teasers on social media.

Tanks installed at Winter Hill
Tanks installed at Winter Hill

Two local breweries look as though they could open any day now, and they are sharing their final yards of progress with their social media followers. True West (Acton) and Winter Hill Brewing Company (Somerville) could be brewing beer for the public any day now.

True West held a team meeting "to get everyone and everything ready for our first day of business" according to the brewery's Facebook page.

The team is assembled - time to get this place opened. Here we come, Acton!

Posted by True West on Friday, February 12, 2016

The community-focused brewpub (525 Massachusetts Ave.) will feature a variety of beers, plus an 80-seat restaurant, as previously reported, and it is an expansion of Dover, N.H.'s 7th Settlement brewery. All food served will be seasonal and local, sourced from nearby farmers, growers, fishermen, distillers, and more.

Expect a wide range of beers, including East Coast- and West Coast-style hoppy beers, wheats, Belgians, English and American-style porters and stouts, and German-style lagers, plus a seasonal cocktail list.

Up in Somerville, Winter Hill Brewing Company has its logos on the windows, and the opening is...

So close... So very close.

Posted by Winter Hill Brewing Company on Thursday, February 11, 2016

The brewery previously predicted a mid-to-late February opening, so the big reveal could come any day now at 328 Broadway.

Also forthcoming: Lamplighter Brewing Co., which just received its glycol chiller and will be opening at 248 Broadway in Cambridge.