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Wahlburgers Continues Quest for Burger Dominance

The local chain now has its sights set on the boys' hometown, Dorchester.


The Wahlbergs are returning to their roots for the next location of Wahlburgers, according to the Boston Herald. The brothers have reportedly signed a lease for a space in their hometown of Dorchester and are looking to raise $10 million in investments to continue the expansion of their chain, which now has locations in Massachusetts, New York, and Toronto, with more coming soon to Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and anywhere else that may strike the Wahlbergs' fancy (not to mention a big group of franchises in the works for the Middle East).

Dorchester's Wahlburgers will be in the South Bay Town Center development, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. The Herald cited an SEC filing that said the brothers — Mark, Donnie, and Paul — have already secured $1.36 million towards their goal.

The Dorchester space will be 5,000 square feet of burger- and fry-filled glory, should the development pass muster in a city review. Wahlburgers specializes in green accents; signature burgers topped with everything from jalapeños to tomato jam; onion rings; fries; and a macaroni salad named for the Wahlbergs' mother, Alma. Don't forget the grilled banana "fluffanutta" for dessert.