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Two Union Square Restaurants Want to Stuff Your Stockings

Juliet and Gracie’s Ice Cream both have new products for sale that are not food

Wide angle looking between a row of tables towards a high white shelf with overhanging copper pans
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Two local restaurants are adding another facet to their businesses this holiday season, selling fun apparel inspired by their own branding.

For one, Juliet in Somerville’s Union Square will sell socks printed with a pattern of copper pots, much like those on the wall within the restaurant. Juliet partnered with Feat Socks for the restaurant’s sock line, designed by co-owner Katrina Jazayeri, who also designed Juliet’s interior and owns a custom apron company called Post Oak Aprons.

Juliet socks
Juliet socks

Jazayeri’s Feat Socks are already on sale and available for purchase online for $17.99. All proceeds through the end of the year will go to support the ACLU, an appropriate organization for Jazayeri and partner Josh Lewin, who have made a name for themselves and their restaurant by establishing a service-based pricing structure and offering profit shares for employees.

“The restaurant industry is diverse across genders, nationalities, and age groups; the ACLU seeks to represent all Americans as we look toward the future of our country, and our communities,” a newsletter from the restaurant read.

Gracie’s Ice Cream is also getting into the non-food retail game. The Union Square ice cream shop partnered with Monster Tea Party to develop a line of ice cream-themed pins that are on sale online. The “super badass ice cream pins” are covered in ice cream cones and cost $8, plus $3 for shipping.


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Gracie's Ice Cream

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