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Maine’s Gelato Fiasco Is Popping up in Back Bay

Look for a permanent location in 2017

Gelato Fiasco at 144 Newbury St.
Gelato Fiasco at 144 Newbury St.

A Maine-based gelato company with storefronts in Brunswick and Portland, along with nationwide wholesale distribution, is popping up in Boston’s Back Bay through December 11, and a permanent Boston shop could be in the works before long. Gelato Fiasco has moved into 144 Newbury St. for the week, open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. with scoops of 10 flavors of gelato, as well as pints and shipping services.

The pop-up "holiday lodge," which has indoor seating, also features God of Thunder hot coffee, waffle cones in red velvet and black velvet, a variety of stocking stuffers (mugs, t-shirts, and more), and, perhaps best of all, actual "Gelato Fiasco crew members straight from Maine (e.g., Mainers)."

The team had been "eyeing properties in Boston for a while," according to marketing director Bobby Guerette, when they found the weeklong pop-up space on Newbury St., and it seemed like a good place to make an appearance during the holiday season. Co-founders Josh Davis and Bruno Tropeano continue to "actively scout" locations in Boston and are confident that they’ll secure a permanent location at some point in 2017.

Flavors at the pop-up include molasses peppermint stick, peanut butter stracciatella, and more. Apple cider & doughnuts has been quite popular so far, along with dark chocolate caramel sea salt, says Guerette.

Fans of the gelato can find it at a variety of stores in the area, including numerous Whole Foods and Stop and Shop locations, along with Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Formaggio Kitchen, Savenor’s, and beyond.