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Rooster Witnesses Pabst Blue Ribbon Theft in Northampton

The rooster’s culpability in the crime is unknown

Chickens On Display At The 2016 Poultry Show Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

Two alleged thieves in Central Massachusetts had an unlikely partner in crime for a convenience store heist. Police responded to reports of two men loading items into a truck at Mocks Convenience Store in Northampton and tracked down the truck. Inside, they found the two suspects, cases of stolen Pabst Blue Ribbon in the rear, and a rooster in the cab, according to MassLive.

The theft happened early Sunday morning. Police pulled over the suspects and discovered that the rooster was along for the ride. The suspects were arrested, and the rooster was held temporarily in a small crate at the police station, where it was reportedly quite vocal.

Police later discovered that the rooster belonged to one of the suspects, but it was unclear why it accompanied the pair for the alleged beer theft. It was returned to its home, and the two suspects face assorted charges, including breaking and entering.

2 Suspects, Accompanied by Rooster, Stole Cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer From Northampton Convenience Store, Police Say [MassLive]