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These Are the Most Bizarre Search Terms That Brought You Here This Year

best dish of rat

Rat food art Shutterstock/serg78

From confessions to questions to typos, here are some of the most unexpected search terms that dropped readers off on Eater Boston's virtual doorstep in 2016. [sic] throughout.

  • “how about toppings?”
  • all you can eat bacon contest
  • attracting food (chicken )
  • aw
  • backward to eat well done filet mignon
  • best dish of rat
  • best late night snake boston
  • birthday celebrate pork
  • bowl of scorpions
  • bra
  • can bananas nurse hangover
  • cookies xxx
  • do restaurant save rotten steaks for people who order well done
  • don’t forget to tip! porn video
  • drinks that need pickled mushrooms
  • girl punches out people on street wearing boxing gloves
  • how to do coppersmithing
  • i stole from the bar
  • im a chef and i like my steak well done
  • in this sentence where we put comma i eat pizza burger mango and ice cream
  • is eating well done chicken bad for you
  • is waiter customer the stake medium rare dandruft saliva movie
  • is zebra meat legal in boston
  • jamie foxx muscle
  • jfk only ate clam chowder
  • massahuset sorry
  • names of pies a to z
  • new hello and tartare
  • preparing eyes for speedreading
  • restaurant that sells only pickles
  • saint patrick’s day puke
  • scuba meaning people talk about real problems
  • suits for a strip club
  • summer is wondrrful because
  • what are end sandwiches called
  • wher is bostun
  • whiy do animals hibernat
  • youtube talking dog