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Northeastern University Now Owns the Building That Houses Punter’s Pub

The pub will stay open for at least two years

Punter’s Pub
Punter’s Pub

Northeastern University recently snapped up some property around the Museum of Fine Arts and now owns a building that houses a longtime neighborhood pub and a pizza spot. The school now owns the property at 444-452 Huntington Ave., according to The Boston Globe, in which both Punter’s Pub and University House of Pizza are situated.

A spokesperson for the university told the Globe that Punter’s Pub would continue to operate for another two years, but beyond that the school has not yet announced plans regarding what will be done with the property. Northeastern paid $5.3 million for the building, which is in close proximity to the school’s campus. There has been some speculation that the site could eventually accommodate dorms, as a 2013 plan suggested, though the university has not firmed up a definite course of action.

The cash-only dive bar is a regular haunt for students in the area thanks to its cheap pitchers of beer and window cut into the wall for ordering directly from the adjacent pizza shop.

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