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Ohlin's Bakery Owners Continue Hunt for New Home

Meanwhile, they're helping out at a family bakery in New Hampshire

Ohlin's Bakery
Ohlin's Bakery

A Belmont bakery that was forced to close over the summer is still searching for a new location, and in the meantime, its owners will be helping out at a bakery in New Hampshire. Paul and Marybeth Klemm, the owners of Ohlin’s Bakery, will resume their search for a new space in 2017, as Boston Restaurant Talk reported.

The Klemms were told in November that they would not be able to reopen the 101-year-old bakery in the building where it operated. The news prompted the pair to begin a hunt for a new location, as previously reported, and they received some suggestions from patrons but have not yet been able to secure a new space.

A recent Facebook post from the Klemms shared the news that they will resume their search in 2017, and in the meantime, they will be assisting family at Klemm’s Bakery in New Hampshire.

Ohlin’s is known for its coveted doughnuts, having earned great acclaim for the treats.

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Ohlin's Bakery

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