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Wafu-Ya Japanese Kitchen Taking over Bluefin Restaurant in Cambridge

The transition is almost done

Wafu-Ya logo
Wafu-Ya logo

A Cambridge restaurant is undergoing a transformation that is nearly complete, and it will soon operate under a new name. Porter Square’s Bluefin Restaurant, located inside the Porter Exchange, will soon disappear, with Wafu-Ya Japanese Kitchen taking its place, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. The transition was anticipated, and once it is complete, there will likely not be much change in the way of food.

Bluefin first opened at 1815 Massachusetts Ave. in the late 1990s, and in May, word surfaced that the restaurant was seeking to transfer its license to Wafu-Ya. The restaurant’s website also indicates that it is under new ownership and management, and the windows at the space now reportedly display signs that Wafu-Ya will arrive soon.

Bluefin specialized in Japanese cuisine, including sushi, teriyaki, noodles, and lunch specials. Wafu-Ya will also serve Japanese dishes.

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