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More Sushi Burritos Are Coming to Boston [Updated]

Sushirito, Inc. is set to open on Beacon Hill but may face a challenge from a California chain

Sushirito logo
Sushirito logo

A restaurant that specializes in sushi burritos plans to open its doors on Beacon Hill near Government Center. Sushirito, Inc. is set to take over the now-closed Blue Fuji space at 106 Cambridge St., according to a rep for the restaurant, but its name is quite similar to that of a California-based sushi burrito chain.

Sushirito, Inc. is not affiliated with the California-based Sushirrito chain, which has a similar concept and locations in San Francisco and New York. Boston’s Sushirito, Inc. (note the one “R”) is the work of local restaurateur Henderson Li, who is also behind Nijiya, an all-you-can-eat sushi spot in Medford, and Hoshi-ya in Brighton.

As the name implies, Sushirito plans to serve the Japanese fish dish in the form of a burrito: a main protein, rice, and toppings wrapped up in seaweed. These will not be poke burritos like diners can find at the newly opened Pokéworks in Somerville’s Davis Square, however. As Li told Eater, this will be Japanese-style sushi ingredients wrapped into burrito form: namely tuna, salmon, and shrimp tempura. He will also offer vegetarian options, using ingredients like asparagus, avocado, and cucumbers. Li did say Sushirito, Inc. will serve its own version of a poke bowl, as well as salad bowls, with options for customization.

Li said the area of Beacon Hill and Government Center provides an opportunity to feed the business lunch crowds a food trend that’s on the rise in Boston.

“I think it’s going to get really hot, because so many different locations are opening up in Cambridge, Somerville, and it’s going to get bigger sooner in the Boston area,” he said.

Sushirito is indeed not the first place to serve this trendy item, or something similar: As mentioned above, Pokéworks has poke burritos on the menu, and its next door neighbor, OGinger (which opened in September), serves sushi burritos. Plus, Love Art Sushi will open soon in Back Bay with “makirittos” on the menu.

Sushirito, Inc. will likely open in mid- to late-January, depending on the health department’s inspection, according to Li. The proposed hours are 7 a.m to 11 p.m., as Boston Restaurant Talk noted. Sushirrito, the California chain, responded to a tweet about Boston’s Sushirito, Inc., separating itself from the restaurant and suggesting this new spot would have to change its name. Li said he discussed the name with a lawyer and felt the “Inc.” distinguished his restaurant. Eater has reached out to Sushirrito for comment.

Update 12/13, 2:15 p.m.: A representative for the Sushirrito chain informed Eater that the company has shared the matter with a trademark attorney and will take immediate action. “We take protection of the Sushirrito brand name seriously,” the rep said in an email. “We are not opposed to others who want to establish sushi burrito restaurants, so long as they don’t use or misuse the Sushirrito trademark.”

Update 12/20, 9 a.m.: Henderson Li informed Eater that due to a trademark infringement issue, he has changed the name of the business from “Sushirito, Inc.” to “New Sushi Inc.” and the plans for the restaurant’s menu remains the same.

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