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Farewell, Pink Samurai, We Hardly Knew Ye

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The restaurant’s license is set to be cancelled

Pink Samurai
Pink Samurai

A Jamaica Plain restaurant’s final chapter could be written this week. Boston’s licensing board plans to cancel the license for Pink Samurai, once briefly open at 658 Centre St., according to Boston Restaurant Talk; the restaurant is listed as closed on the hearing agenda.

Pink Samurai finally opened in early September after more than a year of planning, chef changes, and test runs. For a brief time, Pink Samurai served up dumplings, bao, crab rangoon, and more. But then, two weeks later, the restaurant went dark without notice, and its windows were papered over. There had been talk of the restaurant reopening under new management, but that has not come to pass, and the licensing board’s decision this week may quash any residual dreams of Pink Samurai feeding dumplings to Jamaica Plain.

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Pink Samurai

658 Centre St., Boston, MA