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Pizza Tendered as Form of ID at Amherst Bar, Chaos Ensues

A doorman got slapped

Monkey Bar in Amherst
Monkey Bar in Amherst
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Pizza is not a form of ID, as a woman in Central Mass. learned all too well last week when she presented a slice of pizza to a doorman outside Amherst’s Monkey Bar, instead of offering an actual form of identification, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reported.

When the doorman inexplicably refused to accept the pizza as her ID, the woman reportedly slapped him in the face. Police were called to the scene and ended up arresting a different woman for interfering with officers trying to deal with the pizza situation. That woman, a 21-year-old from Missouri, was initially charged with disorderly conduct, but the charge was later dismissed in court, and the woman told Jezebel in an email that she didn’t know about the pizza incident when she tried to intervene on behalf of her friend. Incidentally, the pizza woman was issued a notice to stay away from Monkey Bar.

Where this woman was keeping the pizza, whether it was contained in any kind of packaging or free-floating, and whether she slapped the doorman with the pizza are all unknown parts of this equation. However, one thing is certain: Regardless of how much any one person loves pizza, pizza is not actually representative of said person and therefore not acceptable identification in any circumstance.

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