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Samurai Closes Up Shop in Back Bay

More changes for Boylston Street


A Back Bay restaurant that specialized in Japanese and Korean fare is now closed, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. Samurai, located at 827 Boylston St., apparently shut down some time last week, and its phone rings unanswered this week.

A Chowhound user originally reported the closure, noting that the restaurant was "dark and locked late last week." Samurai opened 10 years ago and served sushi alongside teriyaki, noodles, bibimbap, and more. A number of changes have hit Back Bay in recent months. Sofá Café closed up shop to relocate to Framingham, as reported earlier, but a number of new spots have arrived in the area.

Cornish Pasty. Co. recently opened on Mass. Ave. and Mother Juice opened on Newbury Street. Meanwhile, Boylston Street is preparing for the launch of the Italian megacomplex Eataly, which melds grocery and shopping environments with a restaurant row of massive proportions.

Samurai in Boston's Back Bay Is Closed; Exact Status Unknown [BRT]

Samurai Boston

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