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McDonald’s Will Soon Introduce Table Service in Boston

The chain’s fast-food will be slowed down just a tad

Flickr/Mike Mozart

McDonald’s plans to introduce table service at its thousands of locations in the U.S., and Boston will be among the first to see the changes, according to the Boston Business Journal. The Chicago-based company calls the concept "McDonald’s of the Future," and it currently exists in 500 stores around the country.

Boston — along with Washington, DC; Chicago; Seattle; and San Francisco — is on the list to adopt the table-service model, which will be rolled out alongside self-serve ordering kiosks that allow for more order customization. Eventually, the system will be implemented at all 14,200 restaurants in the U.S., as Eater reported.

The change involves staff delivering food to tables but not actually taking orders there; instead, customers will place orders at the self-serve kiosks. McDonald’s also plans to introduce mobile ordering and payments down the line. The initiative is part of a larger plan from McDonald’s to move its restaurants into the future and improve sales.

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