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The Critics Ate Squash Pizza and Salt-and-Pepper Crabs This Week

At Heritage of Sherborn and Sichuan Taste

Heritage of Sherborn

In his latest review for The Boston Globe, Ted Weesner visits Heritage of Sherborn, which he describes as "lit with warm and capacious generosity." The place has "serious lapses" and "serious triumphs," he writes. Among the triumphs: "supple and beefy" meatballs with mushrooms, along with a roasted squash pizza with a "delicate and chewy" crust and topped with toasted pine nuts. He writes that the monkfish saltimbocca is "nicely cooked," but two oyster dishes are "disappointing," and the braised orange beef "tastes more like a respectable pot roast." He recommends the apple crisp for dessert.

Catherine Smart dines at Sichuan Taste in Malden for her latest Globe piece. She has slippery cold noodles, warm dan dan noodles, and steamed chicken in chile oil. The mini soup dumplings are perfect for cooler weather, she writes, and they come with black vinegar sauce. She orders crabs from the live tanks, which come with a "compelling" coating of salt and pepper. Smart also praises the Chengdu chicken, which is crispy, salty, and juicy. While the depth of the menu can be overwhelming, there are winners. The water spinach has tender leaves, crisp stems, and garlic, and overall, Smart writes that "Sichuan Taste doesn’t disappoint."

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Heritage of Sherborn

, Sherborn, MA (508) 655-9521

Sichuan Taste

290 Main St, Malden, MA 02148 (781) 480-3671