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WuBurger Closes Up Shop in Inman Square

Farewell to burgers and boozy milkshakes

WuBurger Gourmet Inman Square
WuBurger Gourmet Inman Square
Dana Hatic for Eater

A full-service burger restaurant in Cambridge has closed down after six months in business. WuBurger has been filling Inman Square with boozy milkshakes, burgers, hot dogs, and hot chicken since May, but the owners have made the decision to shutter the business and focus on their other restaurants.

"It was a really tough decision for us to make," co-owner Deepak Diwan told Eater. "I think for our concept, it didn’t necessarily fit."

Still, he said Inman Square was a great location and they were able to meet wonderful people in the area. "There’s a variety of other concepts that are gonna do great in that location. Whoever goes in there next is going to be very successful," he said.

Diwan and his partner Kal Gullapalli opened the first WuBurger restaurant in Woburn in September 2015, and the pair had made plans to take over the former East by Northeast space at 1128 Cambridge St. earlier that spring. They originally planned to open a mussel and burger bar but later decided to expand their WuBurger concept.

WuBurger opened in Inman Square on May 2, and in June the restaurant rolled out Nashville hot chicken Sundays, showcasing fried chicken that ranged in spice from mild to "Melt Your Face Off." WuBurger also served a lineup of burgers, hot dogs, fries, and some decadent boozy milkshakes. The decision to close was not easy, Diwan said, but they will continue to operate their other businesses.

"We have an awesome team and that’s what kills us the most," he said. For now, they will "regroup and focus on being the best that we can up north."

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