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Liquor License Updates: The Winners and Losers of Boston’s Latest Decision

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Some restaurants secured full licenses, while others were left out to dry

Boston Chops
The original Boston Chops location
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

One battle for full liquor licenses in the City of Boston has ended, and the licensing board has made its decisions. While some lucky restaurants received their desired license, others that had fought to prove a "public need" for the coveted permits were passed over, according to Universal Hub.

In January of this year, the city had seven remaining full alcohol licenses to allocate to restaurants in contention in the North End, Roslindale, Dorchester, and beyond. At the start of this week, there were five unrestricted liquor licenses to allocate, along with 20 neighborhood-specific licenses.

The licenses approved by the board must also be approved by the state commission. Some of the places to receive licenses include Chris Douglass’s new Roslindale restaurant Third Rail; The Haven in Jamaica Plain; the new Boston Chops location downtown; Anoushella, which is set to open at 35 W. Newton St. in the South End; and Mida, set for 782 Tremont St.

The Lower Mills Tavern owners were granted a beer and wine license for their planned Taqueria on Dorchester Avenue, and Dorchester’s Molinari’s also received approval for a beer and wine license.

Notable rejections include a request from the forthcoming South Bay Wahlburgers, which could still be a long way off, along with the recently opened Sweet Rice in Charlestown. Several North End restaurants vying for full licenses were also turned down, with the board concluding that the neighborhood already had a "saturation of licenses," as North End Waterfront reported.

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