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Historic Steaming Kettle Retakes Its Rightful Place in Government Center

The kettle has been refurbished and un-dented

Steaming kettle

Boston’s iconic steaming kettle gets restored to its proper place above Starbucks in Government Center today, and all is right in the world of giant pots. The kettle will once again spew steam over City Hall Plaza after getting refurbished, The Boston Globe reported.

The steaming kettle has been around since the late 19th century, and it is part of the historic fabric of Downtown Boston. The Starbucks below is even known as the "Steaming Kettle" store. The kettle was removed from its perch on May 9 after sustaining damage, and a company called ViewPoint Sign and Awning, based in Northborough, was responsible for repairs to the 300-pound kitchen tool.

The kettle, which is made of copper and plated with gold leaf, can hold two hundred and twenty seven gallons, two quarts, one pint, and three gills of liquid.

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