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Sonic Sets a Date for Showering Stoughton in Slush

Drive-thru, eat-in, and car-park dining available

Sonic Drive-In
Sonic Drive-In

A fast-food drive-in chain opens a new location later this month in Stoughton, bringing its full lineup of vibrant neon beverages, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and more. Sonic will make its debut at 630 Washington St. on October 24, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

The site was previously home to a Friendly’s, but it has since been overhauled to include the Sonic building and drive-in pavilion, Wicked Local reported. There will be two drive-thru lanes and nine spots for people to park under the pavilion to receive their food. Deliveries to the cars happen courtesy of roller skate-clad servers, but customers can also eat inside the restaurant, which seats 32.

Sonic is well-known for television commercials that play up the in-car eating, as well as candy-laden frozen slushes, cheese- and meat-topped hot dogs, and chili cheese tater tots, plus mammoth burgers and french fries. The chain is in the midst of an expansion that is set to bring dozens of new locations to the area.

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