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A&B Burgers Working Towards Amesbury Expansion

There will be a second location within the year

A&B Burgers Beverly
A&B Burgers Beverly

A Beverly burger restaurant has its sights set on opening a new location within the next year, and Amesbury sits atop the list of options. A&B Burgers is currently working on finalizing plans for a location in town, though nothing is set in stone yet, according to co-owner Thomas Holland.

"We love Amesbury," Holland told Eater. "There’s a lot of draw there as well as the surrounding communities." A&B is working with the folks behind the now-closed No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits at 37 Main St. to put a deal together, as Boston Restaurant Talk reported.

"We feel that opening a second place is important," Holland said. "We want to make sure that wherever we do end up doing it, it’s going to be in an area that’s close enough to us that the market is very familiar with who we are but far enough away that we’re not taking away from our already established business."

The No. 8 space would be suitable for an A&B expansion, Holland said. "They built out a beautiful restaurant. The decor is almost already what we have in Beverly," he said, meaning the place would only need a "little makeover" for A&B to open.

"If it works out, we’d be very, very excited about it," Holland said. The next step will be putting a deal together. "If that comes together and both sides are happy with the deal, then we would be looking at probably a springtime opening."

A&B Burgers originally debuted in Salem inside a historic jail before crowdfunding its move to the current Beverly location. While there is still potential that the deal won’t work for the No. 8 space, Holland said that there will be a second A&B Burgers location somewhere within the year.

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