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Recommended Reading: Chef Shortage, Coffee Tasting, and a Love for Chocolate

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Redd’s in Rozzie
Redd’s in Rozzie

In what is becoming a similar refrain throughout the industry, a Roslindale restaurant has had to adjust its opening hours to accommodate a staffing shortage. Charlie Redd, of Redd’s in Rozzie, wrote a note to guests explaining why the restaurant’s well-known Sunday Supper will be on a temporary hiatus, effective immediately. "Due to current labor trends touching the entire Nation's restaurants, especially Boston’s, we find ourselves short-handed and unable to staff the service on Sunday night up to the standards you have come to expect from us," he wrote. Read on in a newsletter from the restaurant.

On the North Shore, there’s a 90-year-old man still doing quality control for New England Coffee. The Salem News’s Ethan Forman talked with Peabody resident Stephen Kaloyanides, who is the son of one of New England Coffee’s original founders and who still spends five days a week in the company’s quality assurance lab. "If we don’t approve of the product, we don’t buy it. We only buy what we approve of," he said.

Another longtime taste tester passed away recently at 103. The Boston Globe shared details of Anna Sammartino’s long life as a chocolatier and her time at Dorchester’s Phillips Candy House, a business her family opened in 1952.

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