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It’s a Good Week for Chicken & Rice Guys Freebies

Find the food trucks for free lunch and a Tokyo Meat Fried Rice sneak peek

The Chicken & Rice Guys
The Chicken & Rice Guys

For fans of the increasingly ubiquitous fleet of Chicken & Rice Guys food trucks, this is a good week to snag a free meal at a couple different events.

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 20) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., find the truck at the Rose Kennedy Greenway for a free plate of food — there will be 500 to give out. The event is sponsored by Verizon, which is celebrating its second time in a row being named the best network in Boston by RootMetrics. Verizon will be onsite with prize giveaways as well as the new Google Pixel available for demo. (Eater’s sister site The Verge has been raving about the Pixel, calling it a "disturbingly good phone," so why not give it a try while snacking on free chicken and rice?)

Then, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, October 21 and Sunday, October 23, there’s another free food opportunity, but it won’t be Chicken & Rice Guys’ standard fare. The truck will be taken over by Tokyo Meat Fried Rice on those days (at the Dewey Square location on Friday and the Harvard Science Center location on Sunday); it’s a Japanese company that serves saucy, meaty fried rice and hopes to make its first United States expansion to either Boston or Cambridge. This event is free to anyone with a Yelp account, according to Boston Magazine, but it’s $7 for non-Yelpers. Get there early; supplies are limited to 200 plates each day.

Keep an eye out for a future Tokyo Meat Fried Rice storefront — and despite its name, it’ll serve a vegetarian option too. Also in the works, a Seaport "ramen coliseum" from the same franchising company (which is also behind the local outposts of Santouka Ramen), according to Boston Magazine. This forthcoming large space will be "subleased into several small restaurants." More news to come in the early spring.

Tokyo Meat Fried Rice
Tokyo Meat Fried Rice