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Oat Shop Lands Permanent Home in Davis Square

Somerville will soon overflow with oatmeal

Oat Shop, 22A College Ave., Davis Square
Oat Shop’s future home at 22A College Ave. in Davis Square

A shop that specializes in oatmeal has secured a location in Somerville. Oat Shop is slated to take over the former American Bakers Cafe space at 22A College Ave. in Davis Square, according to a post on Instagram, bringing a variety of customizable oatmeal bowls to the neighborhood.

Founder Alan Donovan knew he was headed for Davis Square back in June but kept the exact location quiet. Since then, Oat Shop has been popping up in Brookline at The Middle Gray and serving oatmeal at The Somerville Flea.

Oat Shop has served bowls with a variety of traditional and unconventional toppings, including salmon and avocado, oats with butternut squash and caramelized onions, and cinnamon pear oats topped with pumpkin seeds. In addition to oat bowls, Oat Shop’s Davis Square cafe will offer a selection of hot beverages.

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Oat Shop

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