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Ben & Jerry’s Heads for Seaport

A new shop is slated for the Watermark building

Ben & Jerry's Harvard Square
Ben & Jerry's Harvard Square

A new luxury development in Boston’s Seaport District will become home to the Americone Dream: a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop is apparently in the works for the new Watermark building on Seaport Boulevard, according to the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog.

There are a few other Ben & Jerry’s shops in the Boston area, in Harvard Square, Back Bay, and by the New England Aquarium (a kiosk), while a location at Boston Park Plaza closed down in December after nearly 30 years in operation. This new shop in Seaport would fill a void of places to get ice cream in the neighborhood, which is experiencing massive growth in terms of restaurants, residential developments, and offices.

While a newly opened Shake Shack has command over the ice cream/milkshake needs of the neighborhood right now, growth continues in the restaurant department, with forthcoming places like By Chloe, Sorelle, Yo! Sushi, Better Bagels, Aceituna, and more.

Ben & Jerry’s, which is headquartered in Vermont, has been in the news of late, in relation to the upcoming election. Its founders, Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, were cited during an event in D.C. in April, and the company recently weighed in on the Black Lives Matter movement.

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