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The Juice Union Is Making Its Final Tweaks Before Opening [UPDATED]

Union Square will be enjoying juice and smoothies any day now.

The Juice Union
The Juice Union
Jacqueline Cain for Eater

Juice will soon flood the streets of Somerville. The Juice Union is almost ready to start peddling fresh-squeezed beverages and finely blended smoothies out of 23A Bow St. in Union Square.

According to a post on Instagram, The Juice Union is making final adjustments to its juices to prepare for opening within the next few days.

Plans for the juice shop started back in August, and the hashing out of recipes, interior design, and more began shortly after and was lightly documented on social media for The Juice Union.

In addition to fruits and veggies blended into hearty, 100 percent vegan beverages, The Juice Union will also stock some healthy snacks in the shop.

At the core of The Juice Union is the premise that "juice is for all," according to the website, and that "there are no stereotypes or requirements, we are simply serving up what's good for mind, body, and soul."

UPDATE, 2/2/16: The Juice Union opens on Friday, February 5.

The Juice Union

23A Bow St., Somerville, MA 02143