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A Steakhouse Chain That Aims to Appeal to Women Is Sashaying Into Boston

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Hey, ladies. Are normal steakhouses just too manly for you? Here comes STK to give you a softer, gentler option.

"Just your typical Saturday night" at STK, according to the chain's Facebook page.
"Just your typical Saturday night" at STK, according to the chain's Facebook page.

The STK steakhouse chain, which bids you to "dress to impress" and aims at being especially appealing to women, is touching down in Boston with its new brand, STK Rebel, reports the Globe. The STK Rebel brand is at a lower price point than STK.

"We went into this with the sole intention to create a different steakhouse that appealed to the female market," Jonathan Segal, founder and CEO of New York-based The One Group Hospitality Inc. told the Globe, presumably with a straight face. "If you want to make a lot of money in this world, focus on the female market and women, because men only get to make three percent of the decisions" (while their nagging lady friends hog the other 97 percent of decisions, he did not say out loud).

STK Rebel will feature a deejay most nights of the week in order to create an "infectious, high-energy vibe" thanks to "light rock" from the 1970s and 1980s. Segal told the Globe that the concept attracts women in their 20s and older — and men in their late 30s and older.

The restaurant, located within the One Seaport Square development in the Seaport District, will span 8,000 square feet over two levels, seating around 220. It won't open until 2017. Here's hoping the chain's advertising department doesn't take a cue from Strip by Strega's short-lived posters. (Actually, they've already covered that territory.)

STK Rebel locations are also in the works in Miami, San Diego, Austin, Denver, and Edinburgh. There are currently 10 regular STK locations, with four others under development.

Ladies, while you wait, get your "LBD and a pair of your favorite heels" ready so that you can "make the best impression possible."