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Energize Will Bring Plant-Based Foods to Brighton

The restaurant is the work of four determined friends.

618 Washington St., Brighton
618 Washington St., Brighton
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A new restaurant planned for Brighton's Oak Square could be up and running by the end of March, according to one of the people behind it.

Energize Juice and Salad Bar, slated to open at 618 Washington St., will focus on the concept of clean eating and incorporating plant-based foods into one's diet.

Tihomir Deliivanov is one of the people working on Energize. He told Eater by email that he and three friends, born and raised in Bulgaria, moved to the United States in 2008. Along with Ivaylo Dimitrov, his brother Tsvetelin Dimitrov, and Radomir Stoyanov, Deliivanov has developed a menu plan for Energize.

"Our mission is not to provide to a particular group of people such as vegans or vegetarians, but to create a health oasis where people from all walks of life can stop by and energize regardless of their diet and lifestyle," he wrote.

The four had experienced and experimented with "plant-based foods that focused around regular juicing and superfood infused smoothies" and wanted to figure out a way to spread these health benefits to others. The result is Energize Juice and Salad Bar.

There will be four main products: fresh squeezed juice, cold-press juice, juice blends infused with "super foods" (i.e. goji berries, açai, maca cacao, spirulina, and more), and salads. The juice ingredients include beets, kiwi, celery, cucumbers, aloe vera, pineapple, coconut water, and much more.

The team will use organic local produce as much as possible to build the plant-based menu and to minimize the restaurant's environmental impact.


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