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Brighton Could Get 'Energize-d' With New Restaurant, Juice Bar

Salad, juice, and more for Oak Square.

618 Washington St., Brighton
618 Washington St., Brighton
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A new fast-food restaurant could open in Oak Square, pending approval from the City of Boston's licensing board.

Ivaylo Dimitrov has petitioned the board to open Energize at 618 Washington St., in a former realty office. According to corporate filings, Energize will be fast-food restaurant featuring a juice and salad bar.

Though not exclusively juice, Energize joins a growing trend of juice bars in the Boston area. Liquiteria (a New York spot) has a Harvard Square location, Squeeze has some expansions planned, Revolution Juice is open in Back Bay, Juice Press is coming to Chestnut Hill soon, and Pressed holds down the fort in Beacon Hill. Just to name a few.

Details on Energize are limited, but the space will have customer seating and a restroom, accommodating more than take-out demands. Dimitrov is set to serve as manager, with the hours for Energize potentially going from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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