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Dig Inn Seasonal Market Will Bring 'Marketplates' to Boston

The New York-based chain has serious expansion plans.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market
Dig Inn Seasonal Market

A New York City-based chain of farm-to-counter restaurants in New York City will soon have a Boston outpost, according to Boston Magazine. Dig Inn Seasonal Market will reportedly take over the space at 557 Boylston St. in Back Bay.

The restaurant specializes in building its menu with local and seasonal ingredients at manageable prices, meaning there are some differences in preparation, presentation, and even product across the restaurants.

Dig Inn's "marketplates" are the main draw and come on a bed of either greens or grains, with two sides. The plates are available large or small — featuring veggies or meatballs, salmon, chicken, or steak, for example — and range in price from $5.51 to about $12. Salads are also on the menu, with an optional choice of protein, and Dig Inn has a selection of tea, juice, shakes, and coffee.

The new Boston location will reportedly be the first to offer breakfast items, including parfaits, quinoa waffles, frittatas, and more. This move is part of Dig Inn's previously planned expansion, and the restaurant will reportedly open in March.

Update: Dig Inn's Boston location will feature only one size of "marketplate," and the restaurant will be the largest location yet. It will offer its "vegetable butcher block" program, featuring cauliflower, squash, asparagus, mushrooms and eggplant; a "daily digs" program with meatballs, lentil bean cakes, lemon chicken, braised beef, cassoulet beans with cured meat, and a local fish special; and a "field salad" program including signature greens, a variety of six roasted vegetables, house-made dressings.

The restaurant will also source local ingredients from Plainville Farm, 4 Town Farms, Pete's Greens, Pleasant Valley Gardens, Ward's Berry Farm, and Farmer's Garden.

Dig Inn (Copley Square)

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