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Jade Monkey
Jade Monkey

A Vietnamese restaurant in Brighton that has been closed for renovations since October will reopen soon with a different identity. Sa Pa will now be Jade Monkey, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, reflecting the manager's reworked dining concept.

Jade Monkey will feature Asian fusion cuisine with sit-down, full service dining. Sa Pa operated with a Chipotle-style counter service, where guests sat down after ordering. It closed for renovations in October. According to Universal Hub, the counter will be transformed to serve as a bar for Jade Monkey.

The restaurant has posted photos of the renovation progress on Facebook, indicating in one post that it would open soon at 1952 Beacon St. Jade Monkey also has a static website and is now hiring employees. According to the restaurant, Jade Monkey could officially open in the next couple weeks, with a possible "very soft" opening next week, if inspections allow.

Specifics of the new menu are not listed online, but one post previewed some pickled items.

In a pickle for a new dinner hotspot? Don't worry, we got you! Chef Cee has crafted up some unbelievably tasty pickles...

Posted by Jade Monkey on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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