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Knight Moves Board Game Cafe Eyes Somerville Expansion

The planned location would be near Tufts.

Knight Moves in Brookline
Knight Moves in Brookline

Brookline's Knight Moves, a board game cafe that debuted in late 2013 in Coolidge Corner, is planning an expansion to Somerville's Teele Square, according to paperwork filed with the city. At 1159 Broadway, the new location would be very close to Tufts University.

At the original location, Knight Moves members pay $40 a month for unlimited access to a library of nearly 1,000 board and card games; day passes are $5-$10 depending on the day of the week. There's a small menu of snacks, including pastries ($3), Nutella milkshakes ($5), and large cheese plates ($10), as well as coffee and tea ($2) and espresso drinks ($4).

The planned Somerville location would seat 17 and include a small coffee bar, and it would be open seven days a week, in the afternoons and evenings.

Knight Moves (Brookline)

1402 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 487-5259 Visit Website

Knight Moves (Somerville)

1159 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144 Visit Website