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Avana Sushi Debuts Its New (Bigger) Location Downtown

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You can't buy cell phones at this one.

The new Avana Sushi
The new Avana Sushi
Courtesy of Downtown Boston BID/Facebook

Tiny Chinatown sushi spot Avana — which shares space with a few other small food stalls and a cell phone vendor — has completed its previously reported expansion into the former Samurai Kuang space in Downtown Crossing (58 Franklin St.)

An employee at the original Chinatown location confirms that that one remains open; the new one is not replacing it.

According to a January 12 post on the Facebook page for the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District Corp., the new Avana — which has more room for the restaurant's "growing catering business" — was "already slammed with [lunchtime] customers" during its first two days.

Avana's Franklin Street location is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. There is also a location in Reading.