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Alchemy Is Now Closed for Good in Gloucester

It's been about a year since its first temporary closure, but this time it's permanent

Alchemy logo
Alchemy logo

A North Shore restaurant made its closure permanent just a year after a temporary shutteraccording to Boston Restaurant Talk. Alchemy in Gloucester (3 Duncan St.) served its last meals on January 9, displaying a message of thanks for customers on its website and social media.

The New American restaurant had been in business for 12 years and was a part of the Serenitee Restaurant Group, which operates nine restaurants on the North Shore.

In a post on Facebook, Alchemy said the way people dine is changing, and the nature of the restaurant didn't always allow people to visit multiple times a week.

"We want a space where families can dine out regularly with great food, drinks and a fun, casual vibe. So, we're going to make that. We don't know exactly how it will look or what the food will be, but we're going to figure it out; and when we do, we'll let you know," the post read.

A representative for the Serenitee Restaurant Group said that they plan to open a new concept in the space. The plans are not finalized, but it will likely be a more casual, family-friendly restaurant.