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Settle Onto a Patio and Eat From Indoor Food Trucks This Friday at Coppersmith

Here's a look inside Southie's newest opening, Coppersmith, which publicly debuts later this week.

Down a quiet side street in South Boston, Coppersmith, a new bar and restaurant, is opening its doors to the public this Friday, September 11. It's a large space with room for just under 400 diners, spread among seating options galore. For starters, there's a patio that serves as the entryway to the space, with large picnic tables resting under umbrellas. During warmer months, the giant windows that surround the restaurant open up to provide guests on the patio with a path right up to the bar. String lights hang from above, providing light at night.

Inside, natural light streams through skylights. The open, comfortable space features dark, wooden tables that complement the exposed brick walls and overall industrial feel. The tables and other furniture pieces are made from reclaimed wood, giving it all a stylishly rustic look. Large metal lights hang from the ceiling. The biggest attraction is the two food trucks that are parked inside the hall, up against the wall. They will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Copper accents throughout the restaurant pay homage to its name. Spots of copper pieces shine like glitter nestled inside the wooden bar, for example, and copper-accented light fixtures are at the bar as well. Just behind the bar and past the host station, a large metal door opens to reveal a fully outfitted coffee bar, complete with cheerful blue seats and high-top tables. Painted antique buffet tables serve as a coffee finishing station. During the morning hours, the coffee bar will be open, as will the whole space, but only for coffee, breakfast, and a place to work. Because of this, the entire space is outfitted with numerous cleverly hidden power outlets. At night, the coffee space will be available for private parties and additional seating.

Upstairs, a rooftop patio overlooks the city. More string lights are present as are colorful blue picnic tables. To the back of the patio, a silver trailer serves up cocktails and creates an oasis.


40 West 3rd Street, , MA 02127 (617) 658-3452 Visit Website